IGEX is well positioned to maximize the future growth of Asia and is focused on the growth of middle class and wealthy individuals in Emerging Markets.

IGEX is not only establishing its base in Indonesia but is moving to other Emerging Markets such as Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Thailand  and Malaysia. Emerging Asian nations such as Indonesia and  Malaysia are going to lead global growth and IGEX will be there to services these clients.

•       IGEX is a company at the forefront of Global Financial Market services designed to bring the best online global markets trading platforms to Asia.

•       IGEX clearing and settling operations are in Australia and the United Kingdom are executed by Saxo Bank, Citibank, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley.

•       IGEX is acting as the administrator, promoter, educator and integrator for clients in Asia and Emerging Markets.

•       IGEX has built relationships and trust with their partners to deliver all aspects of trading platforms allowing IGEX to focus on marketing and customer services and providing unparalleled trading solutions to Asia.

IGEX has formed a partnership Jackson capital to develop and deliver the most advanced investment product for retail clients avaliable via IGEX SuperTrader.

IGEX’es agreement with our partnesr and liquidity providers Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, J.P.Morgan allow clients to receive 4 times their investment in a line of credit. This is credit line is not a loan or a margin facility; there are no fees or calls on these funds. In other words, the client provides the risk capital and our partners provide the investment capital. All profits and losses are naturally borne by the client.

IGEX SuperTrader investment partner Jackson Capital strategies favor currencies for their high liquidity, low cost and ability to achieve results in both bull and bear markets. Jackson Capital design, develop and execute sophisticated currency related trading models that have delivered consistent DOUBLE- DIGIT returns for our clients both private and institutional over the past 3 years.

This partnership between IGEX and Jackson capital can now securely offer substantial returns for investors. With a $10,000 investment our clients have 5 times the investment power. We credit the account with 4 times the initial investment being $40,000, which gives a $50,000 account balance. Therefore with a 20% pa return the client receives a 100% return on their initial investment.  That’s right we are targeting a 100% return.